Lie Lie,and I found love in a hopeless place, it was indeed love at first sight. And what made things more exciting was the fact that the feeling was mutual Lie, and I shared a bed each night, we kissed and cuddled day in and out. My whole world was alright when she was besides …

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Scars by Sebabatso At this very moment, I wish my scars were physical, I wish they were visible on my forehead My chest aches, I have palpitations. Blood flow blocked due to clogging. My shoulders are swollen because of stress. My breathing is forced, it hurts, it is painful breathing. I sound like a wounded …

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I broke me

I broke me trying to fill you up, I spent my night screaming and suffocating, You left without saying goodbye, You moved on like I never mattered, You shut the door before I could even ask you why you wanted to leave me, You shut the door as I was making plans for us, I …

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