Sebabatso Monageng


Lie Lie,and I found love in a hopeless place, it was indeed love at first sight. And what made things more exciting was the fact that the feeling was mutual Lie, and I shared a bed each night, we kissed and cuddled day in and out. My whole world was alright when she was besides …

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Scars by Sebabatso At this very moment, I wish my scars were physical, I wish they were visible on my forehead My chest aches, I have palpitations. Blood flow blocked due to clogging. My shoulders are swollen because of stress. My breathing is forced, it hurts, it is painful breathing. I sound like a wounded …

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It pains me having to listen to you. You sound so broken. There is so much pain, sorrow and sadness in your voice. I can hear how hard you are trying to suppress that scream. How hard you are holding back the flood gates. Weep my dear, let it all out. Come here let me …

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