Nomathemba Dzinotyiwei

Aspiring writer. Moonlighting as an online editor. Dragon-slayer by day in the barren wastelands of Corporate South Africa.

In My Head

In my head, In the dark labyrinthine tunnels of my twisted mind, We’re a perfect match There are no complications. No Spouses, Children or Family Stand in between. It’s just the two of us In my selfishly formed utopian universe. Where burning passion and Sweet tender affection dance in perfect union to the rhythm of two hearts that …

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The (Twitter) Streets Are Watching

Welcome to Twitter The virtual global city. Many neighborhoods, But no love for neighbours. A colossal marketplace from everything From Avocados to Zulu language texts The bane of governments, companies and media everywhere. News so fast, It’s now made on the streets, Not just broken anymore. Thanks to the unmatched spirit of Ingenuity, improvisation and …

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