"Great opportunity for aspiring writers like never before."

Ever read a magazine, newspaper or book and thought “I can write better than this”? Then submitted an article or manuscript and never received acknowledgement that your e-mail was received? And if you started a blog only your friends and family logged on to read you work?

Well, your work probably sucks. Or maybe not. Maybe all you need is a platform the doesn’t pretend to know what readers want. A platform that doesn’t tell you your work won’t sell. Maybe all you need is a platform that exhibits your work, unedited, and lets the reader decides if they like what you write or not.

Perhaps you’re an avid reader that reads faster than books and articles get published. Maybe all you need is an objective, unadulterated, uninstitutionalised and boundless perspective to writing. An undergound writing scene as it were.

And the book reviews, haven’t they all turned into some marketing gimmick aimed at creating hype to sell sub-par literature? Don’t we deserve genuine reading experiences of people not affiliated with authors; people who bought books and are now giving objective accounts of their encounters with books?

I Like What I Write is a multi-user blog that gives platform to unpublished writers. We call it Writer’s Stage, Reader’s Heaven and Publisher’s Hunting Ground.

From Poetry to Lifestyle Blog, Opinion Pieces to Short Stories and chapters off a manuscript, we let anyone exhibit their work and reach readers directly.

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