If tomorrow never came

If tomorrow never came for me I’d rest knowing that you all of all people would…

You’d know my true love ,you would know i gave it all up just so that I could be with You.You would know and acknowledge all the sacrifices I have made to make you happy.You would know the meaning of the notion of living and breathing for someone for I have given myself completely to you.Would cry not only because I am gone but also for How without conditions I have loved you.you would now take stock and see that I was way more good to you than my fumbles.You’d appreciate me more Because it would sink in that there will never be another like me for you. You’d sit there and remember all the times I said sorry even though I had done nothing wrong.You’d also recall how I always had your back even on days you rejected me.You’d mourn not only my life that’d be no more but the love you will have to live without.

You’d remember my laughs and regret my tears.You’d tell the world about my strengths and keep my weaknesses in confidential folders.You’d sing my praises without reservations for in my departure my worth to you would come as a sad revelation.You’d have to tell my daughters how I loved them and wanted nothing more than to see them grow into queens.You’d also have to teach them about me and my unrelenting pursuit of my dreams.You’d have to pick up the pieces you were reluctant to carry thinking that you are not ready.You’d have to honour me in my absence and live for those I’d give my life for my kids.

You’d have to remember my philosophies yes those you ignored while i was here.You’d have to hold on to memories and pray they don’t cease to exist like I have.

If tomorrow never came you’d wish to hear the sound of my voice and regret deleting voice notes and conversations in anger.You’d wish you had put everything that I have ever said or sung to you In a cloud so you could playback at convenience.You’d wish I had finally published my work so you can just have copies laying around.You’d wish we had taken more pictures and created more memories for your scrapbook that you’d only start making when I am no more.You’d look for a little bit of me in everyone you meet because you’d remember how good it felt to be loved by a man like Me.Oh if tomorrow never came for me my lover you’d have a lot to deal with and for that my heart bleeds.

And you my family and friends if tomorrow never came for Me would you be happy with how things were before I slept for good,would you be proud of every word you said,would you have peace knowing what you put in my heart just before I took my undesirable leave.would you not wish that things had Been different.would you not regret the lack of support you showed in my time of need? Would you not wonder if I would not come back in ghost form and torment some of you like you did Me.would you not mourn knowing that for the most part you took me for granted.If tomorrow never came for Me who would you call when the chips are down but forget of when you are in paradise? Who would you call if someone threatened you or posed a danger to you and discard when the danger is no more? Who would you have behind you no matter how many times you have neglected to look deeper and check if he really doing Okay.who Will be your strong one that’s always there even though you don’t reciprocate .where will you find another who prays for you And would lay down his life in your defense? Will you be sitting there saying how much you wish I was around to deal with things for you when you fail to show gratitude and appreciation now?! Will you honour my existence only when it has seized?

I live my days knowing that tomorrow will one day not come for Me,that’s why irrespective of my flaws and mistakes i live my life going forward striving to be the better version of myself to all of you.it’s all up to you what you want to deal with the day tomorrow never comes for Me for I have wiped the slate clean and put my best foot forward.

If tomorrow decided to leave Me behind my love you must remember.

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