Book Review: We Gonna Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

Picture this: You are at your favorite restaurant, on a cool Saturday evening, your favorite music in the background, you sipping on your favorite wine, across the table is your beautiful friend Gabrielle Union, she is in her usual vibrant self, dishing out her business to you as if it’s her last day on earth. I mean she really goes in, sharing her deepest, darkest secrets. She talks about her first time, her first heartbreak and her first marriage, her father’s infidelity, her divorce and more! You laugh in shock because some of the things she is telling you are so unbelievable and seem so far fetched!… She leans in looks at you and grins the way Mary Jane would do and goes: “Oh no there’s more”.. then calls the waiter and says: “We Gonna Need More Wine” …

That is my rendition of the brilliant introduction of the “Deliver Us from Eva ” actress Gabrielle Union’s book. That way she sets the mood for this well written, thought-provoking witty and hilarious book. Instead of writing a memoir she opted for a collection of essays on which she touches on controversial topics such as the identity crisis of being a young black girl raised in a white neighborhood and her struggles to fit it, colorism and the challenges of being a black actress in Hollywood. She shares her rape ordeal and gives an antidote for a breakup that that will have you crying and laughing at the same time. She is honest, candid and really puts herself out there in a way that is both shocking and impressive.

You would be excused for thinking that beautiful successful black couples like Gabrielle Union and her Husband Dwayne Wade are immune to racism in America but Gabrielle shares her own brush ups with racism and how she has to give a lecture on “how not to be shot by the police” to her stepsons each time they have to go out.

Reading each essay you get to understand Gabrielle both as a young girl who just wanted to be “seen” and the strong woman who has made her mark in the world, you will be left with no choice but to be inspired by her resilience, tenacity and desire to be her authentic self…

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