What not to do virgins… In business

  1. Do not plan your business like you plan your life. With all the frills, decor and landscaping designs. Plan for your business as you would plan for your day.
    1. You wake up. 
    2. You get out of bed.
    3. Your go pee…. Etc
  2. You plan for it in the same manner. You first have an idea. You develop the idea. You make it in to a product. You give it a name. You make it available for your target market and then go out to sell. In my years of business… 13 to be precise, I have witnessed people selling before even knowing what they are selling. Then claim that their business is not turning over because of lack of clients and/or funding.
  3. Systems do not fail if designed correctly and are used for their purpose. A system keeps all in order and makes it easy for even a stranger to know what is going on. You go to the mall. You purchase an item, but there is a system in place for you to arrive at your purchase. You first enter, take a basket or a trolley. Look up and identify the aisle that has your purchase in. You compare the products as which fits a) your budget b) your specific needs. You then follow the line towards payment. The cashier calls you up to the till and then only transacting starts to happen. That system is imperative to the survival of that store. Now how is it that there is no system in your business and your expectation is success?
  4. Creating a pattern is how most things work in life. It’s easy, it’s manageable and it helps to have such available when you are either trading or training.
  5. Another would be knowing your target market. You might think the target market for a store like Pick ‘n Pay is you walking into the store. Not really! When you actually open the doors of the store wide enough for you to see is, their target market is actually the products on the shelves. That is their actual target market. You are what is called the end user. I think reading this twice is best.
  6. When Pick ‘n Pay opens its doors, its basically selling the convenience it has created the for the products you are purchasing. Their target is to find out who is selling the products at what price and what profit margin to see if it’s shelf is worth selling for the profit to be made. Now, you have to look at business in that sense.
  7. When you have an idea, know exactly who you are selling to and what you are selling! For example, I run a construction company. I offer a service of draughting house plans. Now what exactly am I selling? A house plan or a house and who is my client. My client essentially is the contractor. The house plan I have draughted is for him or her to read and implement what I have drawn. Basically a translator. So my target market are translators in the built industry. Confusing… Not really. If I draw a house plan, a client pays me. Yes in a simple sense that is my client, but what use is the plan to the client if nobody can implement it? It’s coming back to Pick ‘n Pay. They essentially selling space but without their target market of clients and the end user purchasing… Their shelves would be useless. That is a system and very important when building a business that is to stand the test of time.

Think about systems virgins and even if you have been in business for years and haven’t succeeded… You are a virgin with experience. You just haven’t met the right partner yet to make things work as they should.

I am Hloni Moeketsi, TheMedQueen

Please do psychoanalyse this tried and tested method in business. You will find with the right elements it actually does work.  Pick ‘n Pay is used as an example not as a preferential partner of any sort. You can still go to Checkers people… Better and better!!!

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