Keep It Simple Silly – START

We all have those business ideas and these days they are better known as hustles.

Those ideas that in our minds can change the world, change our financial wellness, change how we see the world. Even if those ideas are as bright as the sun, carry the light that comes into a dark tunnel and makes it visible for that pothole that JRA hasn’t bothered to fix. Sadly, that light is still an idea and I will tell you the biggest secret that will open up your mind, open up your soul and eventually open up those pockets that are waiting for that money to multiply.


That secret is not even a secret. It’s a mantra we use everyday. It’s a mantra we use even when we wake up.

It’s called START. No I don’t think I am clearly understood. Yes! You are reading correctly START. When you get into your driver’s seat. What is the first thing you do? START the car. When you want a cup of coffee as a pick me up in the morning and you are privileged to own a coffee or espresso machine, which button do you press, START. When you want to warm up your food after a long night of drinking and your stomach is extremely upset with you, which button do you press, START on the microwave.

So balance me here! Why is it so difficult to start with your business idea and make it into a reality because all it sadly is right now is an idea, nestled in your head waiting to be brought into the light. Yes that very light that switches on when you warm up your food in the microwave which is an idea just buy the way, which saw the “light” of day.

I know what the problem is. You are thinking of too many ways that it won’t work. Overthinking the very thought you had, are you undermining your mind, your very thoughts and justifying that thought with other thoughts…

And what makes those thoughts more superior to your original thought. The very idea that had you picturing yourself with wealth in your pocket and respect on your forehead? We second guess our thoughts because of fear. FEAR people. I remember in primary written for us to see every single day in our personal development class.






That was a turning point for me, because I lived in an haunted house. I concurred the fear of the ghosts however real they seemed or were. You are the reason the idea is dead in flowing waters. You have the tools to add the START button to that business idea.

Let’s add START buttons to our ideas. However impossible they seem.

If your idea needs funding, do us all a favour and start very small. Do not go and look for funding, because even your funder can not become a fortune teller and predict it’s apparent success. Work with that idea, grow it. Your client or investor might be sitting right next to you, but you are very busy doubting and over calculating its success and how big it is. Right now it’s just an idea that needs to grow. Start growing it, be ready for when that client or investor comes, because you will be the mouth piece of that idea. You will be the spokesperson for that idea. Do enough now so that when the time comes…. And it will come, it is ready for you to start its engines and fly with it.

Key word: START – however small, just start.


People and examples used in this are merely for descriptive purposes. I am not a business expert nor do I claim to be. If you need certified business education, please enquire at an incubator and use those facilities for sound advice. This is merely to grease the engines and make you realise what is out there and what you can gain from information-applied

I am Hloni Moeketsi aka TheMedQueen

Please do visit incubators such as:


StandardBank Incubator

Anglo Zimele


Shanduka Black Umbrellas

Just to name a few. Google the rest and just start.


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