You are an undecided element of my life and I can find you in all eight dynamics of my world. Your origin is not always known so for this reason you are “Unknown”.

You are close reflection of my unexplained nature but can bring so much confusion to the host in which you dwell. You have been called many ar things and at times been undescribable this is why we have named you “Emotions”.

We all want to control you still the fact remains that it will never be, completely for you have a way of surfacing unwanted. You are an imbalance yet one the brings about balance so why do I have a need to be your equal when in true reality I’m way above you. You are just an emotion.

It’s amazing how much of me you possess, good or bad and the real funny thing is you have no mind of your own, in all honesty you live in mine. So where do I go to rid of you entirely? I’m afraid though that I’ll lose myself completely without you. Why am I so indecisive, is it just my emotions, oh yes you are “My emotions”.

There’s something I’m learning from all this and it’s that you bring about all the parts that make you whole joy and pain to name a few.

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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