The Goodbye Shag

Net Worth is calculated by subtracting what one owes from what one owns. Owning and keeping assets that appreciate in value can increase Net Worth as much as reducing debt does.

Since we all take nothing out of this world, experiences usually prove more valuable than tangible possessions. Bucket lists are popular for this reason; where you have been and what you have done forever remains with you.

Goodbyes are one of life’s hardest experiences. There’s more sorrow in parting than there is sweetness. For some weird reason, the last bite seems to be the most gratifying. The selfless may willingly share their food, for as long as they still have a bit of it, but having to part with one’s last piece is an act that makes even the most giving of souls to cringe.

A smoker taking their last smoke, in preparation to quit thereafter, is most likely to cherish that moment. The drags are concentrated and all energies channeled towards the pleasure nicotine provides. A quitter’s mentality is that the last one has to be the most enjoyable.

As much as we are indebted to some or other past, we equally own a part of it. Regardless of where we find ourselves in life, there’s a blast from the past we can lay claim to. Whether or not it has been marked is irrelevant; when you own something it’s yours. Equally, that applies to our debts. Whether it is better to owe a stranger or a friend depends on what’s the worst a stranger can do to you.

Friends make the best enemies; there’s just some borders you do not want to step over.

There’s always a sense of entitlement with regard to the one that got away; a cat and mouse relationship, similar to that of debtor and creditor.

The last thing one would give a partner about to be incarcerated is a good shag. Like a smoker about to quit, a great deal of emphasis would be placed on deriving pleasure. Equally, those about to get hitched are likely to look back with sweet sorrow in their goodbye efforts. As though one would be forbidden from having any other kind of meat, for they have selected a specific one as their favourite, just before the cut-off time they might just indulge in all kinds of meat they will miss.

We all have that someone that we know we can jump into the sack with, regardless of who they or we are with. We just own them; often because of the strong sexual connection we have. Then there are those that owe us; those that got away. Those we should have had, but didn’t. Those we ever wonder “What could have been?” Equally, that’s the case with our partners. It’s highly likely that there’s someone out there that owns your partner; someone that can just walk in, in the midst of your joy, and have things their way. Then there’s probably that someone whom your partner owes, or is owed by; the one that has their way paved already.

Approaching a point of no return comes with temptations Lot’s wife couldn’t resist. The urge to look back and indulge one last time, before crossing over, is overwhelming.

A trip from Singleville to the Holy City of Matrimony is a raging inferno of burning bridges; one to be traveled without looking back, lest one is led into temptation. The Last Shag with the one that got away often seems like the perfect send-off, and may very well be, but do smokers automatically quit after that gratifying smoke they vowed would be their last?

Humans are slave to habit; what we begin in dribs and drabs eventually becomes a vast ocean we can’t tell where it begins or ends. I never seek to enforce morality, I do know marriage begins way before the wedding day. My Write Track is to establish what significance the Goodbye Shag has and whether we should make peace with it.

A blast from the past may fail to forever hold their silence, perhaps a total stranger is then a perfect candidate. No emotional connection, no history, no broken promise of a future together.

As both genders march towards equality, more liberal sexual tendencies emerge. Marriage, though many debate its relevance, is still a desirable institution, but once one knows what lies ahead isn’t particularly as great as what remains behind, last goodbyes are likely to be filled with pleasure.

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