I Have Something To Say…

There’s a thin line between arrogance and confidence.
You have to hear this.
It is not a boastful sound of my blowing my own trumpet.
I have something profound to say.
Something that a child born of a drug-addicted prostitute mother in the slums of Mumbai, India, will relate to.

I am not selling it in a DVD or a book, like it is in churches.
It is free.
I Like What I Write
And you need to hear it.

I am not exalting myself.
I just carry a message.
A message that even a Zimbabwean that walked 3000km and crossed crocodile infested Limpopo river on an empty stomach just to be an economic slave in Johannesburg and be called a Kwerekwere will appreciate.

Forget about me.
Just listen to my words.
Words that send ripple effect around the world and are worthy of a trillion comments and 8billion ‘likes’
Every soul needs to hear this.
It will not be televised.
These are the words that each single mother that was tricked into conceiving with the promise of marriage only for the guy to flee his responsibilities will find relevant.

I have something to say and you need to hear it.
It drove me to start this group and run this website.
It is burdens me to see the masses blind to the workings of the system
Ignorant to the mark of the beast, 666.
You probably unknowingly bow to it, worship it.

I share my knowledge at no cost
For the sake of that child born in Haiti, today, with its mother not knowing what she will feed it as her breasts have run out of milk due to malnutrition.

I have a story to tell.
Not because I am smart.
But because this story brings life to those who hear it.
A story that will bring a smile to the face of that child that’s begging for bread because his parents died of AIDS and no relative is willing to raise because he was left no financial inheritance.

Deception shall prevail no more.
Eyes will be opened.
You need to hear this
It is not a story wherein a knight in shining armour rescues the princess and they both ride to the sunset where they live happily ever after.
This is a new story.
A real story.

I will not keep quiet.
Not because I like the sound of my own voice.
But because I am a social commentator.
I refuse to shut up.
For the sake of that little girl that did not start school this year because her body was chopped so her parts could be used in muti. RIP Masego Kgomo.

These are healing words.
Not that I have special powers.
But because these words have a purpose to serve.
A purpose to bring comfort to that 4 and half month pregnant girl whose boyfriend is pestering to have an abortion while her he gallivant with strange women to please his unquenchable lust for forbidden fruit.

These words you need to hear.
I am talking to you.
Where you are is where you should be.
It is not by default.
You could have been born into sex slavery in the cockroach-infested slumflats of Cambodia.
But you are here.
You are you
You needed to hear that.

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