Church is a Highway to Hell

I believe in the existence of God like I believe in the existence of many entities I am only told of, such as Gravity and Speed-traps. That way you can call me Christian. I am, however, very disturbed by Christian practices that are against Bible Teachings. Herein, I refer to, inter alia, Infant Baptism, Confessionals, Popes and the recognition of the 25th of December as birth date of Jesus Christ.


I am led to believe that the word Christian means Christ-Like, being like Christ. Would you call the Pope, with his elaborate costumes reminiscent of Rock Stars, Christ-Like? Surely, Jesus Christ hung around the poor and dressed modestly. He did not need heavy security as he was indistinguishable from people in his vicinity. That is evident in that Judas Iscariot had to “kiss” him to identify him for his detractors’ benefit.


The Word of God and Love are two best selling commodities in Church. Preachers seem to promote wealth creation above all else, prying on the gullible and ignorant to elevate themselves to celebrity status. The very thing Jesus Christ condemned in saying, “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom…” Lately, we are invited to church so Pastors can lay hands on us so we could get ‘financial blessings and breakthroughs’ but not before we have parted with our hard earned 10% and bought books and DVD’s.


If it is a calling you would do it, even, for free. The Caller would reward you.  Granted, heads of churches are not immune to paying bills and eating like the rest of us. Yet, excessive emphasis on the material leads us astray.


God destroyed the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the infestation of Homosexuality, the extent of which had men breaking doors in an attempt to have sex with God’s angels. Churches, however, go and conduct wedding ceremonies for Homosexuals.  Worse, even, ordain Homosexuals and Women as Pastors.


We have all witnessed baptism ceremonies where infants are dragged, mostly screaming that kicking, to be immersed in the water, while the congregation sings, ‘…ha ba dumela le ba kolobetse ka lebitso la Ntate, le la Mora, le la Moea o halalelang…’ Pagan practice, indeed. Jesus Christ ordered, ‘seek their consent first’, roughly put. Infants do not consent to anything.


While on that, how does this Holy Trinity thing work? Is it a space god that sent his son, who also happens to be himself, on a suicide mission and then remained on earth as air? Or is it a case of matter existing in 3 states, liquid, solid and gas, like Water, Vapour and Ice?


Another Pagan celebration of a foreign god prevalent in church is Christmas, 25 December, as a birth date of Christ. The Bible makes no mention of the exact birth date of Jesus. We do know, however, that it would not be in December as that month falls in Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The 3 wise men would not have seen the star in the evening and the Child Jesus would have frozen to death in a horse’s sty.


I would like to still have more clarity on the relevance of Confessionals and speaking in tongues.


Clearly, it is church, more than any institution, that leads most to the bottomless pit. If such a place exists, at all.

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