Distance is a bitch

“Distance is a bitch; winter in full swing, yet my bed is as cold as a morgue”

“Distance is a bitch; we are right in the middle of winter, but my bed feels as big as FNB Stadium”

“Distance is a bitch;
I’m lying here covered in a mink and electric blanket, yet I have a man half a world away”

“Distance is a bitch; I sleep with a heater on, but I have a woman with a body warm enough to set this bedroom on fire”

“Distance is a bitch; I’ve run out of ways to use my vibrator. It tickles me well and brings me to orgasm most times, but it cannot replace body heat”

“Distance is a bitch; I’ve run out of ways to hold my tool. I swear my right arm is growing more and stronger muscle every night”

“Distance is a bitch; I long to hear his voice every night, our hour-long conversations still leave me wanting him to wrap his strong arms around me”

“Distance is a bitch; I would kill to hear her say my name while looking me straight in the eye. I miss her broad smile and those silky soft lips that were designed strictly for kissing”

“Distance is a bitch; all I want to do is lay my head on his chest and listen to the beat of his heart”

“Distance is a bitch; all I want to do is lie down with her and do whatever is next”

“Distance is a bitch; I need my man!”

“Distance is a bitch; I want my woman!”

“Distance is a bitch; I phone him right this instant”

“Distance is a bitch; I pick up the phone and say ‘hello’ to my woman”
“Babes, I miss you!”
“I miss you too, my love!”
“What do you miss most about me?”
“Everything, my love, your smell, your touch, the look in your eyes when you gaze into mine…”
“…I miss how delicate your body feels in my hands. I miss your silky smooth cheeks.”
“Babes, if I were there with you what would you do to me?”
“Whatever you want me to do to you, my love.”
“Would you hold me and not let go?”
“I would do that and more. I would hold you so close to me and listen to our hearts beat in unison. I would run my fingers around your ears, over your cheeks and down to your lips”
“Stop it, I like it!” *giggles*
“If you were here with me, I would lock my lips with your and kiss you until you lose control. If you were here, I would lick your ears and bite your neck.”
“Oh babes, distance is such a bitch!”
“It is, indeed. If you were here, my love, I would listen to your body and do as it tells me. I would dance to the beat of your heart and let my soul sing together with yours.”
“You have no idea what your words are doing to me…”
“…but I know I would provide warmth for your body, stimulation for your mind and companionship for your soul, if you were here. We would be one and there would be no space between us”
“I want you, babes!”
“I need you, my love!”
“I want you now, babes!”
“I need you forever, my love!”
“I just melted!”
“Don’t worry, my love, I will mould you into a new creature pure and spotless. I will make you what I always saw in you. A woman so beautiful I would be a fool not to have pursued. Now, that you’ve melted, I will mould you into that portrait of the beauty that glows from the depths of your soul to the shine of your skin. The beauty that radiates from the bottom of your sole to the top of your crown. Now that you have melted I wish more and more that you were here.”
“Don’t stop, babes, mould me with your words! What would you do to me if I were there?”
“My words are a toothless dog compared to the viciousness of my actions. If you were here I would tear you apart. I would cut you half and pierce you right through the middle”
“But that would be killing me.”
“Fear not what kills the body but that which destroys the soul. In me entering you, I will be tying my soul to yours. When making love the two becomes one. You are me, we are you!”
“Sing on, Maxwell. Ride on, babes.”
“With pressure!”
“I like it slow and gentle at first, then fast and hard, then slow and gentle again. Take cues from my body and the tempo of my breathing.”
“We are connected, my love, I know just at what point to go faster and deeper and what point to withdraw and pause to drive you wild and make you want me more. I know just when to bang you against the headboard like Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct and when to go Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic. I can fuse passion and sensuality to set the scene on fire.”
“That you can do and you just did.”
“Surrender your body and open your spirit. Let’s make love and connect physically, mentally and spiritually. Don’t hold back the sounds you make when I’m deep in you; they are a language of your soul. Bless me with the singing of your spirit.”
“Hang on pretty please, babes, I hear a knock on the door.”
“Hurry up and open, my love, let me cum in!”

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