We are all damaged Goods. Bruised and Abused. By Hurried, Harsh, Hungry Hands. Of people forgetting, To be just that much more careful. Follow me on twitter @KeituReid


I am haunted by your big eyes as they look at me imploringly. There is agreat sadness with which you look at me but your look fills me with hope somehow. You seem to be harbouring such great wisdom in that small little frame of yours. It’s as though you do not speak for words …

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I Went There

I put aside all I knew about myself, removed me from the equation, decided that I would no longer go in with apprehension. I would attempt to let go, Let it be, and see where that would lead to. I had no expectations, but hopes were birthed. Inside me lay the wishes of something different. …

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Dear Baby

Yes you my child, the one I will (if not already) love with every fibre of my being. I write this to you to tell you that I will try my hardest to be there for you. I promise to never leave you in the dark. You have white grandparents but don’t be confused my …

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Baby Daddy

So I had to wait this long to say this to you I wasn’t spiritually prepared before But now I’m ready to say these things to you Now I’m not saying all I’m about to say because I’m blaming you No, not even close I just feel I need to tell you how the journey …

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