Black Pride

There is nothing I wish to rectify

I love being black like I love my high

If you are a witness please testify

I swear this my soul satisfy

The Lord is me shepard, on his mercy I rely

Amazing grace, so close to true-lies

A lion in this jungle my roar terrifies

Always come back like a repeat as if I never run out of rhymes

I touch your soul like a book of hymns

I’m just a ‘coal stone’ rolling with the times

“I love you”, they weep, but MaZwai26 cries

I don’t step I stride as if I took ‘Johnny’ for a walk

I am loaded with words like prepaid talk

When the fire burns them I will remain solid as rock

Like a bird in the sky this system I mock

Time is of the essence,well not on my clock

Lost in in space, so lonely light years turned dark, I got no place to dock

Awakening Cognitions

Head above the clouds
Lost and found
in celestial playgrounds
I’m on a natural high
beaming with a smile
Colour me blue
the feeling is so… true
It’s all within’ ,freedom reigns supreme
And I’m peddling up against the stream
in this river of lost dreams
Dead fishes go, with the flow
What’s your ultimate goal ?
is it worth dying for ?
First I . . .went to war
with my very own self
Before I found it’s true essence
Hidden treasures in my chest, join this adventure
Come into my life I have so much to give ,(all in nature)
For this love . ,I lost my mind
While I was following my heart
Should I leave it all behind ?
Or should I get back to the start
Cupid must be stupid
a bow long bent grows weak
Well . . .love is more like a blame
You hardly put it next to your name
But quick to everyone else . .
Hope I’m not too involved with my self

Afrika My Land

Cry no more; Ohh children of South Africa

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They imprison us

To shut the light from shining on our face

In chains we were bound

Forced to give our land

They scattered us like sheep

Bullets followed us

They butchered us

They befriend us

Promised us Heaven; to get our land

They treated us like immigrants on our own land

Forced us to speak their foreign language

With tongue & words they were sweet

But they planned evil inside their heart

We wanted freedom

But they pursue war

“Skeet daie kaffir” Skop Oom dood

They left our bodies lying down in pain

In a cold blood shed

Why you killing me

Making me run from my home

To fear those around me

Bana ba thari e ntsho ra shwella naha ya rona

Madi a tsholloha ra hlolohelwa baratuwa ba rona

They oppressed us

But they never stood a chance to stop us

To stop us fighting for our own soil

The violence, the beating; the killing; the torture

All was the bad pay for our Freedom

They killed us because we are the future

They fear us because we are brave to die for what is ours

Who are they to finish us

We are so powerful beyond measure

They enslaved us to take our pride away

But in a loud voice we shouted

“Mayi buye iAfrika izwe letho”

Free us and let there be peace in the land

Release us from chains

And stop pouring out blood

Dikeledi tsa ngwana wa moAfrika ha di wele fatshe

Ra lokoloha ka madi a ileng a qhalana a tlala naha

Seboko sa ngwana mo Afrika ebile se hlollang

Sa tsosa baholo-holo ho utlwa thapedi ya rona

Even if we were down

We continue to fight

Because Most African Never Die Even Lost Amandla (MANDELA)

Rise and shine; ohh Africa

Because we have freedom

Freedom to retain our land

I am free today

Because of slogan

M’chine wam m’chin wam; ao lethu mchine wam

To shoot the boer and reclaim my land

In rejoice I sing

No more hatred

No more blood shed

No more discrimination

Ke moAfrika mme ke motlotlo

I call it Democratic Country

Because I write What I Like

They never imprison my mind