Zwelethu Dzimba

Pain in Love

for my every mistake Taken what I share with you and used it as a weapon against me Struck my love down while I put yours on a pedestal You have said hurtful, undermining and unnecessary things without thought but brought about from selfishness cause you believe you are pure. Then tomorrow you come back …

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You are an undecided element of my life and I can find you in all eight dynamics of my world. Your origin is not always known so for this reason you are “Unknown”. You are close reflection of my unexplained nature but can bring so much confusion to the host in which you dwell. You …

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I Cried

It was a day I don’t remember, the pain so bad I cried. The reasons I chose to wash away, my thoughts too tired. U cannot remember the last time instability came creeping in Unannounced it hit me square in the chest gave me one huge gasp The air not so fresh for the senses …

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