Neo Letsoela

I Feel You

I feel my heart beating and beating and beating… I feel it I feel it raw and unconditional I feel your heart beating and beating and beating… I feel you I feel you real yet disturbed Wanted Needed Loved Hurting Lying Cheated Sweet Cared for I feel all of you I feel you in me …

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Baby Daddy

So I had to wait this long to say this to you I wasn’t spiritually prepared before But now I’m ready to say these things to you Now I’m not saying all I’m about to say because I’m blaming you No, not even close I just feel I need to tell you how the journey …

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Moving Past

I just want to move past this “I like you but you don’t know” stage I wanna be in the “let’s see each other again” I wanna go to the holding hands and kissing in public The having dinner dates and movie nights Walks in the park and amusement parks I wanna have the arguments …

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