Ramasa Mojolwane


I have never met you skin to touch but yet due to this alien science I can discern you, how wonderful the world is – yet so treacherous. My life is hillstone dry and parched like this Kalahari that’s my plantation station (they say watches are new chains on our wrists, how so? We toil …

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If a Madman Could Write an Essay

Bottled logic, pre-sold gimmick. Weak to masquerade as meek for this bottle-labelled week: eat, coitus and repeat. Lucy lose it, she lost it, lucifer on the pedestal with demeanours so neat (stay off the deadmeat). I find myself lost — truth in contradicting fiction I speak. Murmur some Leonardo and Rumi with my late roomie, …

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How To Build Generational Wealth

It is a purported and endorsed lie by those who are stupid that businesses (strictly financial) are means of building generational wealth. Businesses become defunct with time: they are outstripped by new technologies; multiracialism; the influx of different political climates (revolutions, coup d’ètats et al) and new methodologies across different fields. Money changed forms from …

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