Love less than perfect

So I thought of you today.I thought about our love and how beautiful it is but the thoughts of how sometimes we lose the plot quickly plagued these beautiful thoughts.

I thought of how we argue and fight and felt a sadness I cannot measure,thoughts of how we make up added some joy like a flickering light in a very dark tunnel but like a candle in the wind those beautiful thoughts faded and I was again wallowing in some dark thoughts that came from memories of the words we have exchanged,words so hurtful. 

All this forced me to take a serious look into this love that had me floating on clouds for a while.Looking at how things have been going I see how we both have reasons to say goodbye.

Those reasons are not enough really to warrant a permanent leave. Those reasons don’t compare with the reasons to stay,those reasons can’t keep reasons to fight for this love at bay.

Your compassion has shocked me for I had lived a life where I thought woman are not genuinely compassionate, a life where I questioned everything but when I met you I ran out of questions but found all the answers. They were tight there in your eyes all the answers for this curious and sceptical mind were staring at me.

I had asked myself if I would ever find a love that is true,Will I ever meet someone who numbs my pain, who eliviates my anxieties, who naturally compliments me, who inspires me to be better, who allows me to be weak when I need to just to forget I stRong I should act, who Will remind me of God’s image of me, who would just love without conditions or materialistic expectations.

The answer came when I looked into your eyes.The answers were yes all round. Not perfect but you sure do what I have never seen done for me. You truly love me and I without reservations love you.

Yes the Love is not perfect but if it was then there would be nothing to look forward to it would be a bore. This a love less than perfect but amazingly perfect for me. A love that’s divine that nothing can cause any form of divide.I love the life that our love directs us to. Nobody needs to rate this love nor understand it we love each other in our own perfect way.

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