Punishment from Cupid

It was an easy thing for me to do,I came and they fell and went on to Fall in love. I was one to come in and out of their lives like they had no real value after I had spread and went between their legs. A savvy traveller and prolific hunter who left a string of broken hearts behind me. While I was out there having fun Cupid shot his arrows and they fell deep in love with me at a time I was so emotionally unavailable leaving me with no choice but to run because real relationships were not part of the plan. At the first sight of compassion and attachment I hit the road leaving more than a few broken,hurt and mostly confused as to what they could have done wrong. Arrogant and only considerate of my selfish physical urges.

Little did I know that I would pay the price one day and that day inevitably came. On this day Cupid shot the arrow at me this time with the potion That laced it a bit too potent so I had no choice to submit but He sure did me in because He did not shoot it at the object of my attention. I sure was getting a taste of my own medicine because this woman was on her own mission, she had her own plans for me but they had nothing to do with the concept of happily ever after. It was a mess the aftermath of that encounter left me broken and bruised and at my sanity end. I became a victim of what I have been doing without remorse. I was used to serve a purpose for a while and left high,dry and sadly madly in love with someone I could not have.

Yes It was my punishment from Cupid from all the hearts he had entrusted me with and I broke without flinching.

It Still weighs heavy on me but it has taught me an unforgettable lesson of how to treat women and care for their fragile and trusting hearts.

I have learnt my lesson Cupid,we are even we are so good!

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