There are things!

There are things !


There are things I will never go back and fix 

There are things I don’t expect you to forget

There are things I no longer worry that you don’t understand

There are things that I did that made you judge me

Things that left you with an impression of me I lack pride for

Things that I struggle to make peace with myself 

Things I hoped you would forget about immediately based on my regret

There are things I wish I had not made you feel

Things that you and I can ever have a civil conversation about 

Things we would rather agree to disagree about 

Things that have gave me sleepless night because I knew better before the act

There are things I wish I could do to right my wrongs

Things that will plague my mind every time I am in your space


The only reason why I feel all type of ways about these things is because I value and love you so i hope that one day you will forgive me for all the things that I did and understand that at the time based on things I was feeling and going through it was the only way to deal with things!


My actions are disgusting to me only because I value you and it saddens me how I made you sad when I did these things 


There are things I want to speak on but refrain because it would kill me more than it heals you!  


Between us there will always be things!

GT Morapedi(28/04/2019)

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