I broke me

I broke me trying to fill you up,

I spent my night screaming and suffocating,

You left without saying goodbye,

You moved on like I never mattered,

You shut the door before I could even ask you why you wanted to leave me,

You shut the door as I was making plans for us,

I emptied myself and I filled you up,

Convinced myself that if you were full then you’ll learn to love me right,

Spent my days worrying nd waiting.

I broke me while trying to build you up,

I knew if I made you smile then you’d also fill me up,

But you left the moment you found yourself,

I broke me,

You never even asked me to fill you,

You received and I gave without complain because I was building my man.

But now I gotta pick up the pieces of me left behind..

Fill me up.



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