I Want to Wear the Summertime

I want to wear the summertime
as a dress that drapes itself around my body
and slowly infiltrates my soul
one sunbeam at a time
I want to live in the energy of growing things
that reach up to the sky
in search of a tomorrow
or stardust to keep them satisfied

I want to live in sweet scented raindrops
that hold distorted images too
like jailed spirits
I have come to find that the secret of existence lies
in the peaks and depths of infinite life cycles
and summer is solitude
is sacred/
is the purview of all that brings life/
is the reawakening of the earth spirits
the initiation of past and future kings and

I want to wear that energy like a sundress
to be a goddess that has flowers hiding under her tongue
and nectar instead of saliva
so she can speak only sweet into existence
A goddess whose skin is the deep brown of bark
strong like branch
wild like forest
perpetual potential like seed
and steadfast.

because roots run deep and I need to find some
in this flimsy and shallow world.
I need to wear the summertime as a dress
and have those sunbeams infiltrate my soul
because I need something to believe in.

Something more substantial than:
c’mon baby, I missed you
Something more powerful than:
calamity of 6oclock news
I need:

4am sunrise
sweet scented air
freshly cut grass
ocean blue sky
clanging bell of ice cream man
and a crown made of lightning, dark clouds and thunder

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