Some People Feel Like Home

Always weary of meeting people that I really love and look up to from these streets because I am always wondering if they will be as awesome as they have been in my eyes.

(I accept that this is more about me and my own expectations rather than about them and who they are).
So there is always that fear that comes or anxiety that comes with meeting someone whom you feel you know so well (this is never true because we only know the bits that the person is willing to share with us).

So when The People’s Bae, A Type, The Three Course Meal and I met, I was more excited than nervous.

I got showered quickly and got dressed and we met.
First we had to locate one another as we were both on unfamiliar territory. I had not been there before and she is not from this side of the woods either (Jo’burg).

So there we were trying to locate one another.
Video call in progress.
Poor network.
And then BOOM,
She came around the corner and there she was. The first thing that registered was the hair. Having been a major lover of dreadlocks for a long time (long before they became the “in” thing) it was definitely the first thing that struck me.

Then the rest of her being.
Her aura is so calming.
She speaks quite softly.
The excitement that was shared at seeing one another was legit.
And the hug.
The kind of hug that says, I have been looking forward to this day from the moment we started speaking.

Yesterday was everything I hoped it would be.
Sadly, time just flew way too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to part ways.

I am still replaying the whole meet up in my head.
A beautiful soul.
A beautiful being.
A beautiful person.

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