Fatal Indifferences

It’s so weird how everything I am and need go against yours

And yet I can’t keep away from you
Almost so much you have I can’t stand or want
And still I long for you
Sometimes I scream inside because you just don’t get it
Yet I still try
But all that you are and believe in I can’t live without
You do and say so much I don’t agree with
Yet I need your opinion
You behave in ways I don’t want you to
Yet I have to spend time with you
You do things as you want and please
And yet I still need your approval
I hate your ego and stubbornness
And yet I still hold on

I hate the fact that I can’t be with you
And want to desperately forget about you
And yet I think about you and love you
Every single second of my dreams, my heart, my soul…

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