Book Review: George S Clason’s Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason is a self-help published in 1926 and is about how one could accumulate wealth by saving and investing.

In this book we follow the story of Arkad who was the wealthiest man in the wealthiest nation in the world and the lessons he gave his friends, Bansir and Kobbi, on how to get as rich as he was. The most key lesson Arkad gives is saving lesson he teaches in this book is the concept of “Pay Yourself” by saving at least ten percent of everything that you earn and never touch that money no matter how hard life can get.

This book is written in Shakespearean English and can get really hard to get through if you’re not used to reading the King James Version Bible.

I quite enjoyed the financial lessons of saving, investing and insuring the money you earn. The book also covers the issue of get-rich-quick schemes where people are lured in with promise of high returns with low risk.

The only negative is the Shakespearean language used.

I’d recommend this book to anyone that has, does or will ever have to deal with money in their lives.

Out of ten, I rate The Richest Man in Babylon a nine, taking away the single point solely for the language used.

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