Book Review: Gayton McKenzie’s The Choice

The Choice by Charles Cilliers is a biography published in 2007 about the life story of ex-convict-turned-businessman, author and motivational speaker Gayton McKenzie

In this book we learn about the life choices Gayton McKenzie made to get into a life of crime, how he got arrested spending ten years in jail and how he made a decision to leave the life of crime and turn his life around.

This book is written in a very entertaining life language, Charles Cilliers is such a great storyteller that he managed to make this story feel like it is being told by Gayton himself.

I quite enjoyed how the author took the backseat and let Gayton’s story be about Gayton. I almost always had to check what the cover says, because the way the story flows so effortlessly and the scenes so vivid you would swear you are right inside Gayton’s mind. Although they do not divulge the taboo subjects on what happens in jail, this book did give a hint on prison life without violating any of the underworld rules.

I really struggled to find a negative to pick in this book; it is a very underrated yet brilliant book about a highly misunderstood character.

I’d recommend this book to anyone that holds an opinion on Gayton McKenzie, whether positive or negative; I would also recommend this book to anyone that is a tad curious about the life of criminals and prison life.

Out of ten, I rate The Choice a nine, taking away the one point solely because no one is perfect.

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