The Divine River

We live by hope and faith, guided by our inner strength,
All in the persuit of a better “something”.

We travel in a forest of uncertainty,
Thorny bushes,
Steep hills,
Rocky pathways.

In the confinement of such wilderness we seek a ceramic path to lead us to that river of life.
In this venture we get stung by bees,
We play hide and seek from the lions and tiger we spot from afar,
But they stil manage to react quicker than us,
Thus we climb up trees to seek safety, and we all know that trees were made for birds…

We constantly duck and dive from these thorns,
Yet every now and then they keep stinging.
With all that discomfort, we still head for that river of happiness, fulfillment and stability.

In that escape from these creatures,
Hang onto that tight string waiting to be cut lose,
End up not realising that our feet have touched the ground,
We actually don’t need to be rescued,
All we need is to hold on to that tight hope and faith string and gaze upon the flowing river…

We get so busy kneeling down reciting to God our pains, insecurities and unfortunate encounters,
Crying and praying so desperately that we dont realise the rays of light behind us.

All because we kneel facing the past, thorns, lions, tigers…
While we should be thankful we have passed those,
Turnaround see the sun which shines beyond the river…

The closer we get to this divine river,
The harsher the nature,
More unbearable the stench,
More these wounds burn,
Fiercer the creatures,
The greater the desire to walk back and forget this supposed divine river.

Scream to the top of your voice from helplessness,
But all you will hear an echo of your own voice, only you can rescue yourself.

At this point the thirst becomes intense,
That water from the divine river is there,
Go drink from it,
Wash your wounds,
Cleanse the blood that flows in your veins.

Imagine the feeling of quenching your thirst,
Cooling those wounds…
That river encompasses the Messiah, He is divine…

I am Scorpie Ngwana Moruti Mofube on facebook

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