Love-Hate Bloody Friendship

It’s been over a month since she last visited. She’s usually right on time, what could be holding her this time around? Her friendship is treasured as it’s a unique symbol of my identity. We have our misunderstandings, like all friends do. Most times when she’s around I can’t wait for her to leave, yet when doesn’t visit me on an agreed upon date I worry. I get so worked up that I check the calendar to see if my calculations are correct. Whenever she doesn’t arrive, I lose sleep in fear of what could have gone wrong. When Trust breaks, you better have a personal relationship with the cosmo daddy for you may need all redemption you can get.

Speculations of what could be keeping her leaves bags below my eyes. The stress thereof recedes my hairline. The love-hate relations we have take the backseat.
When she’s late in arrival I bloody miss her. Imposed upon my ilk, I had no say in acquiring her as an occasional acquaintance. I figured if I couldn’t be with the one I love, I may as well brighten up the corner I’m in and make the best of what I have. I really have no choice but to play with the cards I was dealt. The great part about life is that it’s unfair to all of us. The same trials I go through are experienced by all of us.

Friends come in different forms. There are those that worship you, in whose eyes you can do no wrong. While it’s great and flattering that they boost your self-esteem, you wish the would sometimes be themselves and tell you stuff you don’t want to hear but stuff you need to hear for your own benefit. If only they would be objective.

Some friends know just a tad too much, about you, for you ditch them. They know how much you earn, what you own and how you pay for it. She’s the source of all nasty gossip about you. She also happens to be a source of all the gossip you desire. It’s those friends that borrow stuff, until you have to go borrow it back. Takers and Givers have a symbiotic relationship; they both need each other and usually attract each other. A parasite takes away as much from the host as not to kill it.

Then there’s that friend that got stuck in some stage, of life, and can’t seem to progress further. The free-spirited, promiscuous one with youthful energy. She just doesn’t give a fuck, if only in a platonic or celibate way. She’s not to be deprived and like variety. She’s the go-to girl when in search of fun. She knows all the important and interesting people. They know her very well too. She’s great for girly conversations about sex, beauty, fashion and men. Beyond that, she just couldn’t be bothered. We all love her because she never judges us and we admire her youthful exuberance.

The sister friends in our lives are our most prized possessions. The darlings that seek to impart knowledge and want to see us grow. The selfless, rare type that are closer to us than our own family.

As a woman, I have a friend imposed on me. I hate her at times, yet I embrace her at the same time. In a bloody painful way, she uniquely sets me apart as a woman. A monthly reminder of my major purpose in the advancement of my species.

A woman has her periods for exactly 40 years. Could it be coincidental that an average man works for exactly 40 years? It is exactly 40 years, in that during the times that she’s not having her periods, her menopause is postponed by an equal period. The more children a woman has, the later she will reach menopause. An unenviable stage of life menopause is; hot flushes, mood swings and not feeling beautiful. We may not fully embrace its purpose, but everything in life comes a full cycle.

All female placental mammals have a uterine lining that builds up when a mammal is fertile, but menstruated when a mammal is infertile. By shedding blood, menstruation is obviously the most visible phase of the menstrual cycle. Many women experience uterine cramps during menstruation, which are caused largely by the contractions of the uterine muscle as it expels endometrial blood from a woman’s body.

Because of the discomfort and pain menstruation brings, many women dread it’s arrival. It is until it’s late in arrival that women long for the comfort the discomfort and pain brings. Seeing blood each month is sign that everything is under control. It keeps a woman from sleepless nights, with calendar in hand pondering on the when and how. Since we being honest, don’t act like you’ve never jumped with joy and relief for the late arrival of your periods. While at it, spare a thought for that woman whose marriage is about to fall apart because she gets her periods on time every month. Such is the nature of the love-hate relationship women have with their bloody friend.

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