Cheeseburger Without Cheese

Cheese is what one had to say, as a child, whenever the camera flashed. Many a
childhood photos are clad in cheesy grins. Cheese sometimes means the same as
Dough. Warm it up and watch it melt while stretching to put that proverbial
bread on your table. Cheese is that dairy product that has the lactose intolerant
cursing like Salem dwellers. Having it turns the green planet on it’s axis and carries it around the galaxy. When not on your plate, it’s on your mind. When on
your mind, it’s bound to fall into your pocket.

Cheese is the essence of a cheeseburger. It’s what defines and completes the
Dish. The integral, the axle on a vehicle, it’s what turns it. Provides
flavour, aroma and taste. Cheeseburger is cheese. The latter exists in isolation,
but never the former.

Each compound has a pivotal element that makes it what it is. Jury is still out as to
what the most important element of water is, whether it’s Oxygen or any of the
two Hydrogen molecules. One sometimes wonder if the two Hydrogen molecules
have the same relationship De Klerk and Mbeki had as Deputies to Mandela.
Some things you can’t separate from others, like Kasie Sunday Kos without Chicken and Rice and the Seven Colours that complete it, you can’t have cheeseburger
without cheese. It’s a Buy One Dog and Get One Flea sale, unless you want to play
in the rain and not get wet.

Having grown up in the cassette era, one appreciates the concept of going
through one track before getting to the next. Random Access and Instant Gratification has turned us into boiled spats, throwing out toys out the cot whenever
we don’t have things our way. Blame in on CD’s – both kinds – and Microwave Ovens. Wanting This and Skipping That, but Demanding It All Now is today’s biggest
hit played by DJ Selfish.
Me, Me, Me, then I, I, I before Myself!
We’ve all heard it, all too often.
Nauseatingly monotonous.
Popular, nonetheless

Creation is good enough reason to prove the Creator’s existence. There exists an
entity that is the quintessence of all entities. Unlike all creation before us, that
entity is flawless and altogether pure. For we live in a world engulfed by imperfections, It’s only mature of us to make peace with what’s around us, most perfectly ourselves.

Reciprocity dictates we may not demand what we cannot or are not
willing to give in return.

Relationships seem shallower each time those in them talk about their expectations. Vanity appears to have taken precedence. Each time I hear a woman say how much she loves her man, I know roles have turned and we are all doomed to fail in this zero sum game that’s supposed to lead us to a happy life ever after. It’s not a woman’s place to love a man, let alone more than he loves her

Men are to love and provide and women to submit and nurture. This is but a side shot. Engage me later on this.

My Write Track is on picking and choosing what works and what doesnۂt work for individuals in relationships. Another anomaly; individuals in relationships. When a man loves, he would love his subject of affection together with her kids. He canۂt have cheeseburger without cheese, but has to spend Ame with her as well as her kids.

The argument above assumes a relationship has been established and formally labelled as such, hence the timing of the introduction need be carefully considered. This to avoid introducing a million and one “uncles” to a child while trying to see which frog will turn into Prince Harry. That also goes to a woman in love with a man, but doesn’t want to be bothered by his kids.

When in a relationship with a man, a woman is to submit unconditionally. She can’t have cheeseburger without cheese, by just respecting his bedroom prowess, but look down on his pocket. A trend exists with women that just want a man to give them attention and boost their self-esteem, but offer nothing in return.

The guy is kept living in hope of happier days, but in truth all he’s good for is making the woman feel attractive. Of course, she knows what he wants from her, but she’s
just interested in cheeseburger without cheese.

If you’ve been seeing each other for more than three months and probably sleeping together, you deserve to know what the label of your association is. Insist on a name. There’s no cheeseburger without cheese.

Define what “taking things slow” means when you’re taking from me. We’ve become experts at going nowhere fast. Starting this without finishing that. These are people’s lives and livelihoods we’re dealing with. Blame yourself for lying to yourself, but it bruises society when your lies start tainting the naïve. It’s all or nothing. You can’t have cheeseburger without cheese.

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