A Life to Lead

You see I’ve got a life to lead and in this life I have to make choices,
I have to chose decisions, though some may not be easy,
make bonds and break others but most will just drift apart.

I have a family to raise, people to nature and develop for they are my only strength in me
I have to look out for them at every cost possible cause I’m paving a path for them, and not one of weakness cause that destroys your kindness.

For your kindness comes from the strengths and that’s what brings you respect. This is a journey I travel with God in me and very few I chose to take for they can walk the talk with me. My flaws I leave behind and take heed of my steed with a shield by my side and a lance in my hand.

I can feel the challenges taking me on shortening my vigor.

Still through it all i will strive while you lag behind cause your own flesh has consumed you. There is a time where the gloves will come off under provocation just handle the blows like I handled yours when you had your turn.

Yet this is not a life I was taught or learnt cause as far as my vision can see is happiness beyond the understanding of the flesh.

Be merciful to one another show love and compassion.

Give cause your heart even your spirit urges you to give to mankind not because I beg you to. I will help you walk through this journey cause all it needs is your persistence and make the best decisions for my family and me so just listen to my voice.

Take time and cool off cause without God the troubles of man can consume you. Learn to accept that you are not in the games of mind control but to show mankind why God loves them so much. This is the life I lead and my Lord is my leader.

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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