Tribute to my Father

“My Dad
Your unconditional support and presence have made mefeel safe.

You are always there to support me with advice.
You are a smart, caring and wise man.

I have not told you often enough how much I love you.”
This is a message that I got for my father forFather’s Day this year.

When I saw it, it spoke the words that I would havewritten myself.
I love that it is displayed on the counter as youenter the door at home.

Tea with milk and no sugar
and of course Cigarettes.
These are some of the things that I will always associate with my dad.

I have never been an overly demonstrative child and socoming into a family where hugs and kisses are given as regularly as buyingmilk and bread was not easy for me to adjust to.

Over the years, I believe, I have got somewhat betterand that is thanks to my dad who was always ready to give a hug and a kiss whenit was most needed.

He would do thesweetest of things, like as I was bent over my books, studying away, he wouldlay a hand of encouragement and I knew that I had his support no matter what.

My father was a very knowledgeableman, he knew things that I just did not see why he would even WANT to knowthat, which came in handy during games such as Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

When I realised thathe was no longer part of this world, Iknew that life as I know it would never be the same.
Something that hadbecome the norm for me was asking “Where’s Carl?” to my mom knowing full wellthat he was probably late coming home from work and even so it was something Iwould ask.

Sometimes I would be cheeky and ask “Now tell me, where is yourhusband?” because that is the kind of relationship I have with my mother, onewhere we can joke around with one another and know that it is all meant in thebest way possible.

For me, these pastfew days have been the hardest at night when I would sit inside watchingwhatever show I had missed during the day and he would be sitting outside inhis little man cave watching whatever show he managed to find on at the time.

It was special inthat all I had to do was look outside and he would be there.
Now and again I lookat that area at night whilst watching TV and then I realise that he is no longerthere; at least not in physical form.

His sense of humour is what kept a lot of us laughingat home. He just had a way of making one laugh from deep within.
I will miss that most about him.

He was a tender, loving husband, father andgrandfather to us, a friend to many and now he has gone to become one of theguardian angels that will help us through the rest of our lives here on earth.

I will miss you dearly, dad.
Thank you for everything.
Lala ngoxolo.
I love you.

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