God Exists, But He is a Man-Made Creation

Kids are a joy to be around, until they learn to ask “why?” Then they would ask even the most obvious of questions; sometimes just to check if your answer matches their own. As to whether a human brain is pre-programmed to seek logic or we value reasoning because it is a measure of intelligence, remains something I am yet to get my mind around. Please allow me to get away with not making a distinction between the terms brain and mind, since this discussion is not targeted at a place in a science journal.

Whether obvious or not, all human action has selfish motives; even the selfless have a need to be needed and are ever actively looking for parasitic relations to satisfy their thirst to provide for others.

Reality is in most parts a product of our thought processes; we are souls with bodies and not bodies with souls. Spirit we are, energy we are; we cannot be destroyed, only transferred; hence even after death we live!

I have always had this schizophrenic dialogue with myself about God’s existence and – depending on which crowd I have – I often argued each point of view convincingly. In questioning existence and the purpose thereof, I got stuck in between two views:
1. God Exists and he is not religious.
2. God is a Man-Made Invention.

This is usually a debate that would take place between two people with contrasting religious/spiritual views, yet these are both my opinions. I guess that explains the complexity of a human mind!

I have already made an assertion that Man is Spirit. By this I am not saying it is a Universal Truth; I’m just struggling to find credible arguments to the contrary.

An overwhelming majority of mankind believe in the existence of God – or some or other divinity depending on what you choose to call it – but very few can prove beyond any reasonable doubt the existence of that superpower. Belief, in its definition, is the acceptance that something exists, even without proof. My arguments may not be the gospel truth, universal facts or legally acceptable evidence, but I believe it comes very close and I will demonstrate it.

Let me begin by making a distinction between Fact and Truth. Fact is universally accepted phenomenon that can be scientifically proven, while Truth is a generally accepted theory that applies to sectors of society that believe it. The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, that’s a Fact; it can be scientifically proven and is universally accepted. Immaculate conception, therefore, is Truth since no one can prove without a shadow of doubt that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin mother; but many believe it. Fact is universal while Truth is relative. My arguments below seek to land on fertile ground in the middle of all this assertion.

I can come up with about five arguments to prove God exists, but let’s stick to three for the purpose of this writing.
The first reason I will give to prove God’s existence is that every entity is measured and valued against the finest and purest of its kind. All Gold is measured and valued against the finest ounce of Gold that exists, so are all diamonds measured and valued against the purest. Mankind is, therefore, judged against the perfect and infallible manifestation of human beings; we call that superhuman being God or the divinity. (For simplicity, I shall refer to the divinity and God interchangeably; I am not suggesting they are synonymous, but for the purpose of this writing let’s ignore semantics).

The second reason I will put forward to prove God’s existence, is that all entities in motion were set in motion by an entity that was in motion itself. Before time and any entity was in motion, there existed one entity that set the first object in motion; that entity itself was in both static and motion state. We call this originator of motion God.

Thirdly, creation is all we need to prove the creator’s existence. The device you are using to read this was created by someone. You may not sense that person with any of your five senses, but you know (s)he exists. All nature around us was, therefore, crafted by someone. We call that creator God.

Let me proceed to say, “God is a Man-Made Invention.” I did mention I will be making seemingly contradicting arguments, but are they?!

Because man is fallible, we are forever seeking assistance from an infallible being that is biased in our favour. It is in our nature to believe there should exist someone that made us and is looking after and fighting battles for us. We call this all caring, all providing being God.

Ever wondered why God is the opposite of Peter De Villiers; when the Springboks play bad the coach gets blamed, but when they win it’s the players that get all the praise?! When we achieve things in our lives, God receives credit (Glory and Praise), but when do bad (sin) it’s because we are bad people and deserve punishment and eternal condemnation in the bottomless pit with ever-raging fire!

Humans are creatures of hope; suicide is a result of those that have lost all hope. You too would wish death upon yourself if tomorrow did not promise a better situation than your current struggles. Hope is, therefore, that one thing that keeps us going; Hope is the best thing God provides. “Hang in there while I take my time to come to your rescue! In the meantime, go to a place of worship make financial contributions so as to quicken my response time.”

If man were perfect, God would be irrelevant. If we could heal ourselves when ill, fulfil ourselves when feeling empty, comfort ourselves through trouble and feed ourselves when starving, we would not believe in God. God, as a result, is a creation of our minds in defence to harsh realities of life. In fact the whole life experience is a product of our thought processes; all five senses conspire to give perception of existence as we know it; life. Since we are souls with bodies, energies having a bodily experience, we eternally exist in our minds and all that’s around us is simulation of reality. Mind is God.

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