A Letter to the Older Generation of Nurses

Dear Older Generation Nurses/Nurses That Have been in the field so long that they don’t recall a time when they were new nurses,

I hereby plead with you to please stop with your comments of “uzokhathala” “nami ngafika nginjengawe…”
“ima uzobona wena”

It’s discouraging to me (had to change the statement from us to me because I speak for myself).
Also stop making statements like “you’re too smart to be a nurse,” Uhm, sorry what? So only people who are not so smart must do nursing?
“I would NEVER allow my child to become a nurse…”

What does that say about YOU?? (this one just saddens me when someone will vehemently say this and with pride as well as though the profession is beneath her offspring or something).
Fact of the matter is that in a few years time you will be retiring and who will be left to take over where you left off…
Pass on the torch.

Guide us correctly, stop making us feel that our theoretical learning has no place in the hospital.
Allow us to hone in on our skills and give us the chance to practice and meet our objectives.

Allow us an opportunity to give opinions and add to anything that you might be unaware of.
We are not taking your child’s place by being in nursing, nor are we your children whom you feel you can treat in the same manner, sending us all over the place like we have nothing better to do (with all due respect, of course).

Some of the things you say to us (this time I can use it because I have seen it happen to others as well) leave us feeling like there is no hope for change.

There is a fire in us, burning to make a change…
There are ideas in us that we would love to bring forth in the hopes of making things better or at least being given the opportunity to attempt it.
We are the future of this profession…

We have sooo much to offer, if only you would stop feeling threatened by us and allow us the chance to collaborate with you in improving some things.
Be flexible as well (within the regulatory parameters of course).

Also, do not try and get even with me for having been ill-treated when YOU were a student, I am sorry that you were treated badly, but I was not there and why should I suffer for that…two wrongs don’t make a right, after all.
Wouldn’t you be proud to know that students went through you and were better as a result??

Please, again with the utmost respect, hear my pleas.
From A Young Student Nurse wishing for more positivity within the profession.

I am Thandeka TJ Jwaha on Facebook

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