Book Review: Leigh Nichols’ The Eyes of Darkness

I had just finished reading Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark and it had been such a good read I was convinced anything I would read immediately thereafter would be an anticlimax, but boy was I wrong!

Leigh Nichols’ The Eye of Darkness is an intense psychological thriller that borders on the ghastly without being far-fetched. Parts of it feel like an escapist tale of ghosts designed to kill time for the reader with too much time on their hands, but a great deal of the book is a relatable story of grief, romance and a mother’s quest for closure after her son’s mysterious death.

In the period of just twelve months, a former Vegas Showgirl-Turned-Bigtime Threatre Producter, Tina Evans, not only got divorced, but also lost her son in a freak school tour car accident. Following her son’s death she started having strange dreams about him still being alive and needing her help. Not only that, but there seemed to have been someone in Tina’s life who was hell-bent on rubbing Danny’s death on Tina’s nose. The stalker would break into her house and leave messages in Danny’s bedroom that read Not Dead.

Like most supernatural thrillers, The Eyes of Darkness starts off like a whole lot of bullshit, but the storyline gets more logical as the truth about Danny’s death is revealed. There are spooky occurences like doors opening themselves followed by a ghust of cold wind and writings on the wall, but there are also believable car chases, clues being followed up on and cover ups blown open.

I’m usually good at guessing these whodunnit murder mysteries, but Leigh Nichols kept her cards too close to her chest that I did not get a chance to take a shy at the stumps until the story had been so bowled out that even a four-year old could tell what was happening.

This is an all round well told story that one could revisit over and over again. Leigh Nichols is Dean Koontz’s alter ego and if you loved any of his book you will definitely love The Eyes of Darkness.

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