How To Build Generational Wealth

It is a purported and endorsed lie by those who are stupid that businesses (strictly financial) are means of building generational wealth. Businesses become defunct with time: they are outstripped by new technologies; multiracialism; the influx of different political climates (revolutions, coup d’ètats et al) and new methodologies across different fields.

Money changed forms from the barter system, to liquid money: paper money; digital money and now bitcoins. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll witness a system of non-monetary yet functioning markets which will measure services and goods in their own means, or perhaps a relapse to the barter system altogether.

So wealth, which transcends and sometimes is devoid of money in itself, can’t be acquired through businesses. Businesses can’t survive ample successive generations to aforementioned realities of technology and also monopolising of production by the elites. Artificial Intelligent robots will be the new businessmen and radical capitalists.

What then, will acquire, maintain and preserve wealth? That can be achieved courtesy of and with the assistance of cultural identity and knowledge of self. Most rich people whose wealth defies time and survives for generations are inclined (do constant rituals help?) to their native cultures and identities. We see: Arabs remaining true Muslims to the core (they can even commit suicide in order to remain so); Jews still reading the Torah (and in some cases the Kabbalah) feasting on Kosher foods and not adopting foreign identities that would detach them from their collective achievements, struggles and cultural religions. The remaining of oneself serves as a fundamental step to securing what one ought to have and preserving unique skills that come with being different to others.

Uniqueness brings wealth and when distorted, takes it away. Concentrating on what makes you prevail over others when it’s genetically oriented will surely give generational wealth. Let’s take practical instances: Africans in general are good in athletics and the arts and if ever they could monopolise the commercial side of athletics and the arts whilst remaining true African in their identities only then will they be assured of generational wealth. Adaptation skills are dependent on one core unaltering culture and pivoting around it. If ever the core is shifted and paradigms compromised then whatever means to retain acquired wealth will fall prey to futility.

Not having a central sense of identity and holding it sacred will make you disperse your wealth unknowingly, buy into things your mental and physicality can’t match-up to and be scattered around defying the “cobweb rule” from the text Capitalist Nigger.

This might sound bitter to other people but generational wealth is a collective effort and sacrificing of individualism. Even to the emotional or biological level of human beings. For example:
“If everybody expressed freely their mental, sexual and any other type of disorder coupled with urges like sexual urges (eg, paedophilia, perverting, naturally inclined urge of rape etc), pain inflicting on self and others’ type of urge and any other socially harming urge, then humanity wouldn’t be in existentence. Humanity would’ve been a mere memory by now. We repress most of our evil aspects for the benefit of the ‘live and let live’ doctrine and essential collective existence. There are abnormalities that aren’t harmful like homosexuality but that’s just on the surface. Homosexuality is harming on a potential life level and human self-preservation level and it would require extensive technology to help homosexual couple to concieve. That being done, naturalism is abandoned and wherever nature is not considered, there will be death because nature loathes imbalance.

My point is: there has to be compromise somewhere and democracy is a farce. People must be coerced in order to achieve collective balance. If everybody wanted to be whatever they feel and think then there wouldn’t be anyone left to do so. This assertion can serve as evidence that democracy might jeopardise collective generational wealth, so it’s harmful to it — with whatever it brings. That’s why most rich societies which can be mostly  liberal are also conservative, racist, homophobic. You think Hitler was just on a crusade of the Holocaust just because he detested Jews?He was in a culture-preserving mode which threatened German wealth.

If ever an opponent imposes his tactic of getting wealth upon yours then yours will suffer. They deceive you by introducing theirs to you and whilst the enticement blinds you, they seize yours. For instance, skin bleaching and cosmetic online beauty. We end up acquiring wealth and distributing it cheaply without feasible returns.

Universal knowledge and knowledge of self are two utmost and essential things to help preserve what’s yours for your children and their children’s children.

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  1. This is a very interesting perspective. It’s true, the foreigner will impose their culture on you & deceive you into forsaking your cultures to imitate their ways while stealing your wealth and legacy. That’s how African men spend a fortune in Dubai with their yellowbone girlfriends rather than invest in enduring enterprises that create more wealth in future.

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