A Silent Lullaby

My vocal range has never been more potent than my lyrical prowess, yet I ever harboured ambitions to let my words peacefully send you to slumberland.

Since we began spending nights in each other’s arms, I’ve always wanted to sing you a lullaby and induce pleasant dreams in your rest while a night’s sleep perfects your beauty.

Allow me to sing you a silent lullaby, one without vocals, but laced in sensuality and all things sentimental. Allow me to hold you in my arms and never let go, lie on my chest and listen to the beat of my heart. Let your soul dance to vibrations of my unbounded love for you.

Allow me to sing you a silent lullaby, let me run my fingers across your face and gently caress your skin with this pair that is tasked with caring for you and your well-being. Let my hands walk all over your face and decrypt the braille that’s the imperfections of your skin and reads, “I am gorgeous!”

Allow me to sing you a silent lullaby, one that will induce amnesia and clear your memory of all worries of the day and a bruising past. Let me kiss you on your forehead, look in your eye, smile and say, “I am here forever!” Close your eyes with a smile on your face knowing my word is bond; You and I will together wake up to eternity.

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