Thank You

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I have no doubt you loved me with all your heart and everything you have.
I could see the smile on your face when you looked at me. It spoke a million words.

For all you did for me selflessly in the name of love.
For the belief you shown in me that you even thought I could one day be your husband.
That thought only, spoke volumes.

For introducing me with love to you weird friends and less than perfect family.
For acting like we were meant to be together.
I believed it.
You gave me many happy memories.

For entertaining my love of plants.
For allowing me to re-arrange your garden.
For hosting Pabala, Mohale, Mohlabane le Seilatsatsi.
They bring love to my life.

For being the designated driver on our nights out, even when I had left you behind at home.
For always fetching me on time.
You made me feel special each time.

For giving to me, even when I was ungrateful.
You gave to me abundantly and no words can show my appreciation.

For teaching me never to obsess over material and neglect a woman’s emotional needs.
I am sorry for hurting you.
These are the lessons I shall take to my future relationships.

I cannot change what happened, but I bear no resentment.
I am not bitter.
You’re only trying to do what’s best for you.
I wish you well, I will do the same.
I will move on.
If our paths cross in some or other future, I will look you in the eye, smile and say “Thank You!”
For being you,
For loving me.

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