The Art of Letting Go

The Key lies (suddenly) in striking the balance. We are vast, infinitude of possibilities. We are past experiences and new experience and hopes and dreams.

We are voices that have never been heard, poetry that remains yet unwritten, songs that haven’t been sung yet. We carry shapes and forms and potential, beautifully crafted, even if we are only just melodies.

In all our contradictions, in all our mish mash set up of things. We are Caviar and caramel, taxi drivers blazing Steve Hofmeyer, gorgeous in our inconsistencies. As long as we can find the balance.

As long as we are not afraid to let go, as long as we are not afraid to face the truth.
The truth is, we are often blinded by illusion, excited to easily, lied to to frequently.

We are convinced that that person, place, thing will add life and breath to us, we must want it, must lust after it,must live and swear by it at all costs.

The truth is, that concept, idea, desire that you were holding on to, that person, place or thing that you have GOT to have, may just be the death of you.

You may not realise it, its the kind that happens slowly. The kind that worms its way in, or more accurately, shows up surreptitiously, innocent and blue eyed and promising the world in its gorgeous smile and nuances.

For those less romantic, it could be the kind that promises a whole new world for you, flashing lights and fan clubs, money in the bank, recognition. Slow poisons have never tasted so good.

And so, herein lies the balance, we must learn to read the signs. Why do you want it so much? What really is the reason? You once had a chemistry? You used to catch his flow?

Do you not know that a man is just a man, did he not tell you so himself? In blindness and attachment to the ideal of the beautiful exotic lover, we can often lose our Selves, tangled somewhere in the movie screen images of golden sunsets and other fragile things.

No matter how much you want to shut out the voice, the intuition is strong, the feelings are everything, the knowledge is real. The Divine Feminine cannot lose her worth, but we can all too easily bury it beneath hopes and dreams of a lover who is better at loving us than ourselves.

It is blessed to love the blue eyed stranger, it is blessed to love in itself, the balance comes in knowing that it is not the all or everything, the balance comes in also being able to let go.

Still, we are no more victims of his soft skin and murmurings than we are weak for wanting to own it. We are simply learning to learn and unlearn those meanings and measures which have been made for us (in us) to experience our lives.

He is not deceptive, or underhanded or unreliable or lost, he is simply our lesson. That love is beautiful, is within ourselves, is fragile in ways that are profound. That the intuition knows exactly what it is missing and sometimes the concept is destined to remain just that -a dream, and true love and life has never been seen before, comes unprecendted without a script, can easily be released from the trappings of our vulnerabilities (expectations).

Let that thing go, you don’t need the money, the car, the affections of a blue eyed stranger whose presence is vague and unreliable. You don’t need a family that approves of you ( walking on the perfectly mapped out path), the words, the prayers, the movements to a beat that is not your own.

You don’t need to explain yourself, to fit the definition, to tick the right box. The balance lies in Love. Loving. The balance lies in Trust. Trusting. The balance lies in Life. Living. The balance lies in Hope. So says The Mother, The Divine Spirit.

As She is manifest in each and all things, as He is Guidance and Light in each and all things. As we are Sacred and Divine before each and all things, we can be unafraid to let him, it, that person, place, thing go, and start afresh in clean and new Light.

And we are Thankful. And We are Free. And we are Light.

I am Gugu Kweli Kheswa on Facebook

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