Dream Interpretation

Western psychologists believe dreams are influenced by our thoughts but that’s a western way of explaining how dreams really work. In the African context, dreams hold important clues to our lives. They work as communication lines between us and our ancestors. Ancestors inform and warn us about any kind of happenings – good or bad – that could occur in our lives.

Dreams may be scary, worrisome or even absolutely angelic, yet they are all symbolic. There’s nothing strange about dreams being symbolic or using a symbolic language but some of them may be using a symbolic language that is completely unclear for the dreamer.

An example of a symbol in our dreams is a snake. A snake represents ancestors but only if it doesn’t bite you in your dream but if it does bite you it symbolizes the enemy.

Explaining all of these symbols can be a bit confusing at times, that’s why dream interpreters exist.

We do not receive any form of training to become dream interpreters. It is a gift we are born with and only get notified of it later in life.

I realized I had a calling after everything that I dreamt about came to pass; I would dream about a event and tat exact event would occur just as I saw it in my dream.

It was scary when I first realized it but I made peace with it with it by accepting my calling. My journey has now ben easy; I first fell sick for seven months. I couldn’t walk and had short breath so I consulted the most trusted medical specialists about this condition but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

I then started to feel down but I was lucky enough because other interpreters started seeing through this condition and they interpreted it for me. They told me that I had a calling and without being skeptical I accepted that and my health went back to normal shortly afterwards.

Interpreting dreams is really helpful to people in a way that the process can warn them if something bad is about to happen to them or to someone close to them. It can also inform them if everything is going well in their lives and that gives people some motivation to keep doing whatever that they are doing at that moment in their lives.

The process is not always easy for interpreters because people can forget their dreams and not be able to give us all the details we need to be able to start with the interpretation.

But at least we know what affects the person’s memory when it comes to dreams and it is usually the type of food the person had before sleeping and we always work our way through these kind of situations as we know the right questions to ask.

My name is Nthabiseng Mangojane and I am a dreams Interpreter. I am from a semi-rural, former homeland of Qwa-Qwa in the Free State province.

Do you have a dream you want interpreted? Click here qooh.me/NthabiMang or here CuriousCat.me/NthabiMang to send your dream anonymously for interpretation.

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