I Write…

I write for literary snobs; bourgeois readers with lust for profound word!

I Write to make love to your intellect; engage your brain and give you multiple genial orgasms!

I Write to connect to your soul; feed your spirit and open your third eye!

I Write to speak my mind; confront my demons and make sense of my existence!

I Write to recreate reality; tell tales of my surroundings with a flavour of fantasy and spice of entertainment.

I Write because I am a mouthpiece of the fearful, weak and oppressed; I write as an activist of all injustice!

I Write because I have words for toys; I write to play with words, even just to describe a wilting leaf on an Autumn day!

I Write because you need to hear what I have to say; I’m a messenger of words whose effects on the recipient I can never fathom.

I Write to give hope to the downtrodden and bring smiles to the hopeless; I am a comforter!

I Write to offer hope for a better future; to some, dream of a better tomorrow is what keeps them alive!

I Write to expose the mediocrity that parades itself as authority in literature; I wrote because you deserve better!
I write for Art; just because I can!

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