Genetic Sexual Attraction

A deafening silence is not what a public speaker hopes for after she delivers her putting shot. Academics fail to establish consensus on the issue of Military Intelligence, while gay men pursuing mercy killing may be an open secret. Parting still remains a sweet sorrow, nonetheless. An oxymoron is a phrase that uses two words that appear contradictory.

Could the proverb “an early bird catches the fattest worm” and the saying “good things come to those who wait” both be equally valid? The world about us is not made up of dichotomies; things aren’t always black or white. We exist mainly in the grey areas.

Disagreements run aplenty, as far as attraction is concerned. Spiritualists argue that like attracts like while Chemists charge that opposites attract.

To a discerning eye, sexual tension can be sensed. Recently, I visited newlyweds in their just acquired love nest. I arrived alone to find the couple seated around the table with a lady visitor. For a second, I felt set up as she was seated to the left of the only open seat. The one reserved for me. I wasn’t really going to complain as she is quite an attractive lady, but I later noticed her body language wasn’t open towards me. However hard I tried to grab her attention, she just wouldn’t maintain eye contact. I noticed how affectionately she spoke to the man of the house. She looked him in the eye, referred to him by first name and couldn’t keep her hands off him. Throughout the evening, he spoke less frequently to his wife than he did to their lady visitor. It turned out she’s the wife’s friend and is a frequent visitor.

In his book Blink, Malcom Gladwell speaks of the power of thinking without thinking. Though he doesn’t give pointers on how to harness these skills, for one’s benefit, Gladwell delves deeper into the concept of first impressions. He argues that in order to judge a whole, one only needs to experience a part. A technique he calls thin slicing. Gladwell uses an analogy of a cake to support his argument. In order to tell how the whole cake tastes, one need not eat the whole cake but only taste a thin slice thereof to make value judgement. Should the slice turn out to be bitter, one can assume that the whole cake tastes bitter. The same applies in an event the slice turns out sweet.

My lady friend is clearly getting the bad end of the stick, while her husband has his bread buttered on both sides. Either my friend is blinded by love or she has made peace with the shenanigans happening behind her back, because the Jezebel and Judas are unashamedly parading in full view of anyone that cares to look.

Law of attraction dictates that like attracts like. The major reason we are not seeing much dating between people of the same gene pool is because society frowns upon such. From a young age, we are socialised to stray from any possible sexual attraction with those we may be linked to by blood. Having sex with cousins or even siblings is considered cardinal sin.

In some cultures, most notably the Zulu culture, when boy meets girl, they would ask each other’s surnames so as to avoid forming sexual relations within a “family”. The proactive nature of this practice is an implicit admittance that sexual attraction within the same gene pool is commonplace.

It takes a village to raise a child, so says an African proverb. Though an older man and younger woman relationships are widely acceptable, sexual relations with someone old enough to be your mother is strictly prohibited in conservative societies.

Of the many intriguing and brow raising sexual trends, MILF ranks very high in popularity. The acronym for Mom I’d Like to Fuck moved from a taboo erotic fetish to a widespread culturally sanctioned ideal. A hot mom used to be a tragedy to have until cougars took over. Women with grown children, yet having sex with males their children’s age is a practice we have accepted as reality. Yummy Mummy is a more politically correct term used to refer to sexually attractive women between the ages of 35 and 55.

Because incest is a criminal offence in most countries, including ours, consensual sex between members of the same family is still taboo. We do know, however, that this is a practice more widespread than reported. Very few people would speak openly of it for fear of prejudice and prosecution. The internet is, however, flooded with cases in question. Despite many Milf sites the website offer great insight on how siblings separated at birth develop sexual feelings for one another, during adulthood. The common theme among the stories featured is the sexual bond that binds siblings. Even when they find out that they are siblings, they still can’t get themselves to stop having sex.

The notion that “in sex there are no strangers” has never rang truer. What we see happening in our families is what we grow up to accept as normality and practice in our lives. We’ve all been exposed to that child that comes from a family that curses like vulgarity is second nature. They probably don’t see anything wrong with that behaviour, since the people they look up to engage in it. And who says they should? Many, who grow up to be drunkards, were first exposed to alcohol at home. Until we live in a truly open society, we are unlikely to open up to many occurrences that judgement has condemned to the space behind closed doors.

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