Travellers That Leave Us Lonely

I’m again helping you pack,
You are on your way to the airport
I’m begging you to stay, handing you your ticket and telling you not to be late you might miss your plane.

I kiss your lips remembering the parts they have traveled leaving me breathless.
I give you a bear hug goodbye but my arms seem to be holding you tight in this fragile embrace.
My arms have not learnt how to let go.

I smile and wave goodbye telling you it’s OK but my heart is motioning for you to stay.
I see yur flight take off I know you are gone, so I start filing you into back pages of photo books hoping to forget you.
Forget the touch of your hands upon my skin.

The beauty of your body, your dark skin strong arms that make me shake, yet atvtyw same time feel safe, loved and leave me craving for chocolate all the time.

Forget how your voice fills the airspaces in this empty room when you laugh.

Forget how good you smell all the time, like summer rain so eroctic yet innocent.

Forget how your smile shines brighter than the sun.

I pack each memory in its own.
Marked box waiting by the phone for your phonecall saying you arer missing home and feel alone just like I do.

I am Kenya Jessica Mavuso on facebook

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