Seventy-Five in Late Twenties

That year she was in her late 20s but had a heart of a 75 year old.
She gave birth to triplets named Smile, Laughter and Tears.
Growing up was just that, growing up!

She spend most of her life with Smile and Laughter.
Tears would visit but those two kids demanded more attention and snatched it at every corner.

She was so proud of her two off-springs that they defined her existance.
A 75 year old in her late 20s.

One bright day Tears arrived without warning and refused to be pushed aside. “I too, am your own”, he said. “Embrace me like you do Smile and Laughter. My time has come. You gave birth to me and never breastfed me. Had to hunt and fish like men at a young age. What a great mother you are. Called me only in dark hours of sorrow and trashed me come dawn. Today I will be in your face till you let me bloom like a water lilly”.

Tears became her identity and like a hungry bear out of hibernation, he consumed her fruits of dancing.
At that moment she understood why it was so necessary to have her children surround her at all times.

She had to learn how and when to allow each one of them come out and play.
In her late 20s, she was 75.

She had to sit down, in Tears, and apologize to Smile and Laughter for letting them carry the load that was Tears’ birth right.
The second hand ticked, Laughter and Smile fled as though death was on their heels.

In her late 20s, a 75 year old had to find her way back home with Tears by her side…
She wept and realised that in her late 20s, she is a 75 year old mother of three…

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