Pain in Love

for my every mistake

Taken what I share with you and used it as a weapon against me

Struck my love down while I put yours on a pedestal
You have said hurtful, undermining and unnecessary things without thought but brought about from selfishness cause you believe you are pure.

Then tomorrow you come back and say you are sorry.
I have let you do as you please with my nature

Forgiven you for accusing even where I was not wrong to keep the peace
Let you crush me where I was wrong to keep the peace
Doubted my love cause you made my flaws seem in-correctable

Though still I stand with my head held up and defend our love.

For the feeling of loving you is greater than the errs in life.
They say what you feel cannot be changed

Yet why when you make me feel so shameful do I still find such love in you.
They say what you say can come to life

Then why do I let your reactions strive and my responses burrow in sorrow.
Am I not worth your love ?
Can I not give you joy above the flaws you see in me?

When will I be perfect in your eyes as you are in mine?
I don’t want to compare my pain with past experiences
I want to create a life of happiness with my current pleasures

Look at me again and see if I am worth what you have, what you want
No man cannot change when positive has come into his life
I am carrying the cross that feels like you are lying on with pleasure.

Don’t feed the mistakes I make with guilt and pain but help me correct the ones I can and forgive me for the ones I cannot.
I see the sun shine through my life and warm my heart and I see you.

If this be a wrong addiction then I shall explode with love cause I can’t control how happy you make me feel.

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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