My Love Entry

I have entered your name in my life’s JOURNAL;
Posted you in the LEDGER of my heart;
And classified you as a FIXED ASSET.

Because the MARKET VALUE of your friendship shall never DEPRECIATE in my heart!
If Care is a Wave, I give you a Sea;
If Respect is a Leaf, I give you a Tree;
If Trust is a Planet, I give you a Galaxy;
If Friendship is Life, I give you mine for Free!

Being honest may not get you a lot of friends;
But It’ll always get you the right ones!
Life can give us a lot of beautiful persons but only one person is enough for a beautiful life!

Remember the good times we had spent together, and the beautiful future we had dreamt of…
Darling, I never wanted to create a distance between us.
Please give me an opportunity to bridge the gaps in our life!
Love always falls like a rain;
Let forgiveness wash away the pain!

Sorry, I mess up;
Sorry, I’m not perfect;
Sorry, I hurt you sometimes;
Sorry, I cry sometimes because I’m afraid of losing you!
My saying sorry to you may not mean a lot to you but it’s an acceptance of the fact by me that you mean a life to me. And I care for our relationship.
I don’t know how I could have done that thing, when I love you like life itself.

If I could give you one thing in life;
I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes;
Only then would you realize;
How special you are to me.
If smiling makes one live longer, then I gonna live till eternity if I keep hanging around you!

I do not look up to heaven anymore… because having you in my life is like living in Heaven with the best Angel that ever existed!
Never ask for a kiss, just take it;
Never ask for a hug, just give it;

Never ask “do you love me?” Say, I love you;
Never say I can’t live without you, say I live for you!
I hope that you finally understand;
That I will love you until the end;
Because you’re not just my girl;

You are also my best friend.
The 1st time I saw you, I was scared to touch you;
The 1st time I touched you, I was scared to kiss you;
The 1st time I kissed you, I was scared to love you;
But now that I love you, I’m scared to lose you!

True love stories should never have a happy ending.
Because true love stories never end.
True love means everything. But for me, true love really means, simply you!

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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