Hustle and Struggle

You have hustled and struggled
You have strived! Fought! Brought! Bought! Sometimes you were caught…

Sister you cannot not give up now your future depends on it.
Sister this is for no one else but you!

Stop making your Tuesdays blue…
When I thought about you the other day…
Thoughts that rushed to my brain…

I don’t think I would have been able to hear the rain! Damn none of them were plain!
Sister you have been through thick and thin
Bad and good
Action and horror
Comedy not forgetting romance

You have hustled and struggled
To get this unsatisfying job you have
To get the not enough money you get each month…

Sister you have hustled and struggled…
You have had your sad and joyful tears
You were able to face all you fears
You have experienced pain…
You felt lonely at times…

Because of the strength you have gained!
Because of the faith you have!
Because of the wonderful person you are!
Because of the humanitarian in you!

Your creative imagination!
Sister your intelligence!
Sister you can not give up now…
Now hustle and struggle until you get what you want!
You need to do this for yourself!

I am Omphile Onkgopotse Dimpane on facebook

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