Ever Wrote About Love?

This is an emotion in total control
Have you ever wrote about love
Asked love how it made you feel

Tell love everything you remember
See love beyond what exists within our minds
Wondered why it is control over all but all exist within love too…

Tell a story of the time you knew that love was there
Ask questions to clear your perceptions about love
It is a pleasure to tell this story about you love
I feel you remarkable all through me.

Have you ever written about love
All the good that exists inside you
The joy and happiness that dwells at the pit of your love
Wrote to not just want to tell but share the love of love

I tell you it’s a peaceful moment of knowing your core, feel it move
Not sure what you are really but for some reason it is lovely, oh love…

It is a transition I can never tell you doesn’t exist but persists
So ask me if I have ever written about love

Told you things that sounds like fairies floating in your space, oh still for you love
I spell the letters more clearly with a fluency that none can mistake L.O.V.E

You are a complete word with complete emotion
I swear love does not lack of anything.

Ever wrote about love
Will you ever write about love should be the next question
Yes love is a never ending feeling, suppressible but never ending

Yes it can be covered in clouds of painful, blank or aggressive feeling
When do you know that love is there, comes next
I say to you “who says it wasn’t?”

So before to wondering ask yourself who said it doesn’t exist these circumstances
I am telling you when you write about love, “it will be there”

I choose to forget I ever knew about love they say this to you
Well I know I wrote about love
I will write about you again love when you come knocking.
Ever wrote about love…

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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