What I Learned in Cape Town

1. Always trust yourself. Your visions and dreams and your inklings are correct and you deserve to have them materialised. And you will. Just trust yourself.

2. No job EVER is worth it. If they treat you like crap or slowly suck your soul, your hapliness dies. Your vision . And no job ever is worth it.

3. It often is much bigger than what you are willing to acknowledge or think You are all that.

4. Your dreams can sometimes look like callings; and your callings can sometimes look like dreams.

Take care of yourself take care of your dreams. It is funny how life and longings can knot their way into your body; build homes in taut shoulders, short breath.

Ackowledge what it is thats inside of you. Know that no one can can live this life for you. Know that no one can breathe this life into you, only you. So always, take care of your dreams.

5. Stop trying to be everything. You cannot be superhero of the universe when you are coming apart at the seams. It is not that you are not superhero or of the universe.

It is simply because we need all of you, strong and full and well put together. Not struggling to save everyone, the burden of all those livings on your back. You are coming apart at the seams.

So please stop trying to save everyone. It will come naturally, And the superhero in you will continue.

6. Start being honest, again. Be honestwith yourself first. And always, tell the truth.

I am Gugu Kweli Kheswa on facebook

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