I’m standing still, contemplating where this is going
It seems I’m falling in, without even knowing

My thoughts are consumed by the look in your eyes
it seems i’m giving in, although it may not be wise

I can’t think of anything else; it seems there’s only you
I smile to myself just thinking about the things you say and do

What could you have done to make me hooked once again
there’s so much running through my head, i just can’t pretend

Still, I know I’ve had this feeling many times before
and once I get what I want, I just don’t feel it anymore

I don’t want to rush ’cause I’m too afraid I might stumble
and if my heart gets hurt it might lead to some trouble

I want to keep myself under control and not let myself go
there’re so many feelings flowing that i won’t let you know

you make me smile, and it hasn’t even been long
and I see this feeling growing way too strong
I’m so scared, but it’s exciting to feel this way

Not knowing what to expect with each passing day…

I am Scorpie Ngwana Moruti Mofube on facebook

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